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Begining The Journey

As we begin our journeys, we need to keep a sense of humor intact. I wish I had realized this as things were unfolding in my life.

I wanted to learn Animal Communication in the worst way. At the time the classes weren't as available the way they are today. I had searched and searched to find someone who taught it. Then one day, I came across an ad for a class.

I was on my way, and so excited to start. The first day of class was very successful. Our home work assignment for the evening was to talk to our own animals to see who would like to come to class the next day.

I asked Bosco, my 2 year old Chocolate Lab. He was a piece of my soul and I was so excited for him to join me. We were supposed to ask our animal if they wanted to come. When I asked him, he was so excited, he grabbed my hand in his mouth and walked me to the door. I laughed and told him that we had to wait until the morning, but throughout the evening he would randomly come and put my hand in his mouth and bring me to the door

That morning we excitedly got into the car and we were off for an exciting adventure. I never would have imagined what the reality of that looked like. We arrived early as I wanted Bosco to acclimate himself with the new surroundings. We were met at the door by the instructor. She looked disapprovingly at Bosco and asked how old he was. I told her he was two. She made the remark that this outta be good. I took him down to the basement where the class was being held. He was well behaved and checked out his surroundings. I did notice, however that his energy became really powerful. The energy didn't feel bad or good, just really powerful.

Bosco was happy to greet everyone and their pet as they entered and was a gentleman about it. Although his energy is getting stronger and stronger. We started class and he was sitting dutifully by my chair. When we started the meditation, he would let out a low whimper every once in awhile.

Suddenly a woman across the room from us blurted out that she could not possibly meditated with Bosco in the room. I was asked to chain him up out in the yard. I knew this wouldn't be a good idea, and I was right he started to bark. I went out to attend to him, I was embarrassed and frustrated, I wanted to leave, but I forgot my purse inside. Bosco felt terrible, he wanted so much to reach these people. He also felt like he had let me down.

At this time the group inside had decided to take a break. When they came outside it was very clear that the group had divided into 2 groups. Those who loved Bosco and those who hated Bosco.. One woman in the class was a Reiki Master. She came over to us and thanked Bosco for coming. She said that he had the most incredible energy that she had ever felt. We were also approached by a wonderful couple who offered to sit with me and Bosco and help to keep him entertained.

I was feeling better, we had a plan. We went back to the basement and sat on the floor with Bosco. The basement was really warm and Bosco was panting. He was again receiving disapproving looks. The kind man who sat with us gave him a glass of water. At this point we were promptly kicked out again for drinking to loudly, once again I forgot my purse, so I was in no position to flee. Once again we are in the back yard. I am sobbing and Bosco is feeling awful.

Once again, everyone comes out into the yard. They have been having a meeting about us. (fantastic) The solution they came up with was to put him in a sauna that was not turned on. I agreed and we went back in. Bosco quietly sat in the sauna as we continued our discussion. Our next exercise was to talk to one of the pets that was there who was not ours. We went around the room discussing what we had heard from the animals. When it was time for the nice man who had helped us to discuss who he talked to and what they said, he revealed that he had spoken to Bosco.

He told a very funny story and related it to Bosco's age and what he was going through as a teenager. As he was ending his story, the sauna door burst open and Bosco jumped over my shoulder and ran over to this man. You could hear his laughter fill the room as he gave this man lots of kisses in appreciation for his understanding.

Thankfully it was time for us to leave. I was still upset and started to cry as we got into the car. We started to pull away and I saw in my rearview mirror the teacher running after my car waving. I stopped and she leaned in the window and apologized to both of us. She said that she never should of let a few peoples opinions dictate her class. She asked me to not stop with animal communication, because of our experience there. She said that I was the best one in the class and would hate it if I stopped because of our experience. She also said that Bosco had a very important lesson to teach the class and she should have allowed him to teach it

Obviously what she said did encourage me to continue, and I am so grateful that I did. Sometimes we hit stumbling blocks in our path, but it doesn't always mean that you are to abandon that path all together. A lot can be learned in the stumbles, not only for you, but for those who helped you stumble as well as those who picked you up.

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