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What Clients Say About Us

Deborah says



Every reading I’ve had with Holly provided clear and useful information that I could put to use in my life immediately. She has answered questions about the next step on my spiritual growth and service path. She has provided relevant information about how to navigate the flow of daily life challenges. She has given much-needed insight about relationships. She has helped me keep my animals (a dog, housecat, feral cats, and chickens) healthy, happy, and interacting with one another harmoniously. Holly is truly gifted in her ability to communicate with Spirit to provide insight, guidance, and useful action steps for any area of life. I have been truly blessed to have found Holly and her wonderful and amazing work!





I was amazed at how accurate Holly was with the information about my pets health. She knew she was a diabetic, that she had a lump on her side by her ribs, and said she had arthritis on her right paw. All this info was correct. We confirmed that my pet is feeling better and doesn’t need me to worry so much about her health. This session lifted a weight off my shoulders and relieved my concerns about my pets heath.If you want to know what your pet is thinking and needing, call Holly!




I had a wonderful reading with Holly. She connected with my cat who recently passed away. This really eased and uplifted me. It was her time, and she is very happy on the other side. My cat has connected with our other fur pets who have passed on and described them to me.The information that was passed onto to me was spot on.If you are wanting to connect more with your pet here on Earth or on the other side, I highly recommend Holly.

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