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Animal Readings

Animal Communication Reading

by email or phone


When you need to know is your pet has a health issue, or what they are trying to tell you with their behavior, this is the reading for you.


Holly and spirit guide Abe communicate with your animal to find out:


  • what your pet is feeling 

  • health issues invisible to you

  • what your pet needs from you

  • how to help with conflicts between your pet and another pet

  • the problem between your pet and a loved one


Holly and Abe might even shed light on what past lives are influencing your pet, or access lives you and your pet have had together.


60 minutes



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Beloved Pet Passing ~ Check In

by email 


The passing of a companion animal is a loss no less sorrowful than the death of a person.  If you have recently experience such a loss, 

Holly and spirit guide Abe want you to know that your pet may be happy to hear from you and willing to let you know how they are doing.  Select this email reading when you:


  • want assurance your pet is out of pain

  • didn't get the chance to say goodbye

  • want them to know you are grateful for their companionship

  • are curious if they are now connected with other pets


Holly and Abe want you to know that they can't guarantee who will be willing to communicate with you from the other side, but that there is almost always a message waiting for you.


one email



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Follow Up

by phone


Animal communication readings can be profound in the amount and quality of information your pet has to share with you.  Often the insights gain lead to new questions.  


The Follow Up Reading is perfect for when you:


  • need to know if your pet is feeling better

  • what else you could change to make your pet happier

  • forgot to ask something that feels important

  • need more clarity on a specific insight your pet gave 


Holly and Abe are happy to provide this chance for quick follow up to your original reading.


15 minutes



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