People Readings

Relationship Reading

by email or phone


Relationships are hard!  Sometimes we all need a little psychic insight to attract a great mate, improve a marriage, or understand what is undermining openness to receiving love and giving trust.


Holly and spirit guide Abe can help you find out:


  • how to move through or beyond a current situation

  • what's sabotaging your desire to love, trust or forgive

  • how you need to change to attract what you want

  • what your partner's real motivations are

  • which healers or helpers are best for ending your problems


Holly and Abe might even shed light on what past lives are influencing the situation, mood, or fears you are experiencing.


60 minutes



Loved One Passing ~ Check In

by email 


Has your spouse, parent, child, or friend passed on recently? Are you curious about what it's like for them on the other side?  Wish there was a way to know they are okay? This is the reading for you.


Holly and spirit guide Abe communicate with the spirit world to:


  • connect with your departed loved one

  • learn what they are experiencing on the other side

  • gain reassurance that they are being well cared for

  • ask them your questions


Holly and Abe do not always know who will come through, but loved ones want do usually want to connect with us, so there is almost always a message or two waiting for you.


one email



Intuitive Psychic Reading

by email or phone


Holly and spirit guide Abe answer questions of all kinds.  They especially like helping people with understanding spiritual growth lessons, or gaining insight and wisdom on how to resolve a current difficulty.



These sessions are part psychic information, part teaching.  They might even shed light on past life influences that are at the root of challenges, desires, and problems of today.



Holly and Abe, and her guides teach with love, compassion and humor.


60 minutes



Big Decision Clarity Reading

by email or phone


Need to know what to do next, feel greater confidence, clarify a timeline or understand hidden agendas? When you are faced with a dilemma or big decision, it's helpful to get an objective perspective. 


Holly and Abe communicate with your guides to help you:


  • think through a career change

  • examine the pros and cons of relocating

  • decide whether to leave an unhealthy or stale relationship

  • start a new business

  • determine if a new spiritual path is right for you


Holly and Abe will help you gain the insight and wisdom needed to make decisions that you can feel good about.


60 minutes



Quick Clarity ~ 1 Question Email

by email


From time to time, don't you wish you could plug into the higher realms of knowledge for a quick question?  Now you can with Holly and Abe's Quick Clarity 1 Question email.


Holly and spirit guide Abe communicate with your guides to provide you with insights and spirit wisdom on a current puzzling or troubling situation, or a lesson lingering from a past life.  As a result, you'll have the enlightenment you need to make good choices and take the right actions.



one email



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