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We'd Like to Tell You the Story of Solomon's Ring

The white swirl beside Abe's head here are his own spirit guides -- captured in this photo!

Several years ago as I was starting my business. I was trying to come up with the perfect name. At the time I was studying Psychic Development with a well know Psychic Echo Bodine. In one class we had a past life regression..I knew what life I wanted to look at, because Abe showed me a glimpse of it years before.



We were standing in the pasture, and he was trying to convince me to put my hand in his mouth. Trust is very big with him. He showed me riding him, galloping through this big beautiful forest. I heard a roaring behind us and turned to look. The whole forest was on fire!



He said, "See you used to trust me with your life, now you don't trust me at all! So I put my hand in his mouth and he bit me! I told him that wasn't very nice, and didn't bode well for me trusting him.



He said, "Yes, he bit me, but he didn't break my skin or crush my bones. He said that he did it to show me that the lessons he would teach me may be painful at times but the would never crush or break me."



In class during the regression, I am shown that I was a 19 year old female in early 1700's in Brazil. I had black curly hair down almost down to my knees and am wearing an Emerald green velvet cloak. Abe and I are living in the woods. Abe is big and fiery, I am told. I am also told the men in the village were jealous of us, because I was the only one who could ride him. Also he was very expensive and my father could afford to buy him for me.



Abe and I are just wandering through the woods, talking to the animals and fairies. I ask were my family is. I am told mother died in childbirth, my father was killed by marauders. I ask why I am afraid. I am told they are coming after me. I asked why? I figured they would tell me I am a witch, but instead I hear mystic.



We go to our death scene. I am on Abe's back, hands tied in front of me, noose around my neck. They smack Abe on the butt to try to make him run out from under me. I hear him say, "I can't move my feet or she will die!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Abe has had a long history of laminitis and founder and at times had trouble moving his feet. They proceed to beat him and he still wouldn't move. So they eventually pull me off of him, and drag me down the road to my death. They then beat Abe to death.



No wonder it bothers him so when I don't trust him. I couldn't care less what they did to me, but the fact that they beat my love, was more than I could bare.



I asked Abe why he never told me this. He said I needed to find it out for myself. I was also told this wasn't all of it.



A couple of days later, a friend was asking what his name was in that life. She insisted that it was important and that it had to do with the name of my company. I hadn't asked at the time, because all that mattered to me is that it was Abe.



So I asked him what his name was in that life time. He said, "I am King Solomon, the wise and wonderful at your service!"



I couldn't figure out why some one in Brazil would name their horse King Solomon! I let my friend know what he said. I received an email a few hours later that read, King Solomon was an animal communicator accompanied by a quote from Rudyard Kipling.



"There was never a King like Solomon,

Not since the world began;

But Solomon talked to a butterfly

As a man would talk to a man."



Upon further research , it is told that King Solomon had a magic ring that allowed him to do many things, one of which was to talk to the animals. I then knew that I had my name! Solomon's Ring.

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