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Readings with Abe & Holly

The white swirl beside Abe's head here are his own spirit guides -- captured in this photo!

How an Animal Communication Reading Works


Once a reading is booked, I request a picture of your animal be emailed to me with a list of questions.


I don't like a lot of detail to be included, just the questions.


Before our scheduled time, I do spend some time with your animal to ask them the questions and get their responses. If it is an email reading, I will email you the answers. If this is a phone reading, I will call at the scheduled time. I will go over your animals responses, and I will continue the conversation with you and your animal.


When I connect with your animal it is a telepathic communication. The words, thoughts and images I get come directly from them.


In some cases if the animal doesn't know or is having trouble with the communication, my guide Abe will help by speaking with their guides and relaying it back to me.




How a Psychic Reading Works



Once a reading is booked, I will contact you to set up an appointment. For a phone reading I don't need any information ahead of time. Just have a list of questions you want to talk about.


As you ask the questions, my guide, Abe will start relaying the messages and answers to you questions to me.


If the reading is by email, just email me your questions. I will email Abe's answers back to you.


For a loved one's passing check in, if a picture can be emailed, that is very helpful.


When giving a reading, my guide Abe gives me the answers to your questions. He speaks with your guides and other advisers and relays the wisdom of them all them.

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