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About Us

Holly says

I have lived in Minnesota my whole life. Looking back I have always had these gifts, it just took me a long time to realize what it really was.


I have always had a deep love for animals and was fortunate enough to grow up on a farm with plenty of them around to love on.


I have been doing reading professionally since 2003. I have always loved animals and had a very special relationship with them. I have been blessed with so many amazing souls who have taught me so much.


All of my animals have been such gifts to me, but I have a very special place in my heart for horses.I have learned to much from their dignity, grace and spirit.


I was taught by Echo Bodine and Mary Stoffel as well many guides, teachers, and of coarse Abe. I am Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Claircognizant. Doing readings and sharing my gifts with others is a true passion of mine. I don't use any physical tools. I connect directly to the animal or my guide who then connects to the guides of the person or animal that I am working with. I have enjoyed every step of my journey to bring me to where I am today and look forward to where my journey leads me to in the future.

 Holly talks

about Abe

Abe is a very old soul who has spent many lifetimes on this earth plane. He has shared many lifetimes with me guiding me along the way. In this lifetime as in many others he incarnated as a horse.


He has a wicked sense of humor and he enjoys playing jokes and making souls laugh. He is a firm believer in enjoying the journey for all that it is. Even in his physical body humor was important to him. If he could find a way to make you laugh, that was his first priority.


In the school room of souls, he is the class clown as well as the valedictorian. He has a special connection, not only to me but to so many advanced and wise souls. Abe is able to tap in to the wisdom of the universe with great understanding and clarity. He is a kind teacher, who can also give the tough lessons when needed. He is a firm believer in enjoying the journey for all that it is.


Abe is a teacher who wants me to find the answers myself. One of his favorite pastimes is leaving a trail of clues for me to follow. He is the master of the spiritual scavenger hunt. He imparts his great wisdom along the way, as each new clue is discovered. Abe believes that you gain so much more knowledge if you do your share of the work. He loves being a guide and takes great pleasure in helping others through his wisdom.

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