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What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is a telepathic communication that we are all capable of doing.

It is the same as when you are thinking of someone and they call. If you and a friend say the same thing at the same time. You are thinking of something you would love to eat and your partner brings it home for you.

We all communicate telepathically without knowing it.

You don't need to be psychic to communicate with animals. Although I do use my psychic abilities to enhance the telepathic communication and to hone in on physical problems, I also use my psychic abilities if an animal is having trouble communicating or if they don't know the answer to the question asked.

So when I am talking to an animal, I am doing so telepathically. I send them images and words through my thoughts and they send the same back to me.

In an Animal Communication session it is truly the animals thoughts and feelings that are coming through -- it is truly their perspective.

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