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Animals talk to me


I can feel where they are hurting.  


They tell me what they need, or want, and why they are doing what they do to try to get you to understand.  If your pet has a behavior problem, I can usually find out why, and what they want you to know about it.



I don't retrain your pets. 


But I can ask them if they are willing to change. Often they say yes -- if their owners will change too!  I provide the communication channel you need to understand each other better.



Did you know your pets have had past lives?


They have, and they are often eager to talk about them.  I can also talk with animals who have crossed-over the rainbow bridge.



Intuitive / Psychic Readings for People


My guides -- especially Abe --  really love to help people with their growth. Abe and the guides can help you understand what you need to do to move beyond your current situation.   They help you understand that where you are on your life's journey is a learning experience. 



Direct and practical in their advice, Abe and my guides teach with love, compassion and humor.



A few of wonderful things people tell us:

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